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Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs

Not only a portable design, but able to print on any size page.

it finally feels like 2014

Every once in a while there’s an invention you never knew you always needed.


The future is finally starting to be worth it, holy shit.



Seems like IKEA are really shaking things up this year. In addition to the previously announced TV set, they’re also going to release a digital camera made of cardboard called Knäppa (“Snap”). It’ll hold 40 photographs at a time and plugs directly into your USB port. While it’s not the prettiest camera the world has ever seen, I do love the idea of a screen-less digital camera that brings people back to the wait-and-see days of film.

This is great.

Skimlinks Scripting Hack

This weekend I went to the Stemettes Scripting Hack at Skimlinks.

Like last time there was lots of food, and this time there was pizza. So much pizza!!! It was truly a beautiful sight :D

I won the audience favourite prize for my project which was a simple webpage where when you clicked on the button a random image shows a celebrity dancing (the theme was dancing or shopping). When you click the button again the gif changes. The background colour is also randomised when you click the button. (If you want to see it.)

Afterwards the VP of Engineering at Skimlinks, Jen Langdon came and shook my hand which made me extremely happy.

What I really love about these Stemettes events (and to be fair I’ve only been to about three) is that I always leave them so pumped up, like I could create anything. They give you the tools you need and point you in the right direction so you can continue learning from home. If you do live in the UK and there is an event near you, you should definitely go, they are always great!

This girl is awesome!

Summer of code update

At beginning of the Summer I set myself some goals, these included;

I genuinely believed I could accomplish all this in three months while still having time to go out with friends, catch up on TV, go on holiday and just do normal things people do in the Summer.

After attempting to make a Tumblr theme, I realised my goals were a tad ambitious and shrunk the list down to one;

Which I actually managed to do!

It wasn’t perfect, it had a couple of issues and I actually just yesterday got round to updating and fixing most of the major problems I was having with it. It doesn’t look massively different; the main changes are the colour scheme and the header. The header took me most of last week and with a combination of Canva and Gimp I managed to get it pretty close to what I wanted.

While I didn’t do everything I originally set out to, I learnt so much, and gained a ridiculous amount of respect for coders, programmers, animators ect.

The main thing I learnt is that I’m not sure front end development is for me. I don’t really come with any unique ideas and when looking at other people’s themes, the people who made them went in to so much detail and thought of loads of things that didn’t even cross my mind.

So for now I shall be moving my focus on to Blender and Python. I really didn’t do as much Bender as I wanted to and so for the next month I have set myself the target of one Blender video/tutorial a day. Python is something I’ve been meaning to learn since I heard about the Raspberry Pi. It also goes really well with Blender and I read in Forbes (I’m expanding my mind) that it is currently one of the most in demand languages.

I hope you had an awesome Summer, I did which why there was less time to do most of these things. Now that Summer is well and truly over I shall be throwing myself into Python and Blender before the New Year because I do not want them to appear on New Year’s resolution list yet again! Wish me luck! :)



I now realize how old this show is

Tech may be outdated, but the end result is still relevant

Women in STEM podcast

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I’m starting a podcast interviewing awesome women in STEM. I’ve just finished editing the first episode and I’m really excited!

However, I have learnt that I say “like” A LOT. It is actually ridiculous. It is practically every other word out of my mouth. I’ve only recorded the first two episodes so hopefully the others will be better.

The podcast is called STEM XX. My friend helped me come up with the name, and the XX bit is from the female chromosomes (I know it is far more complicated than that, but I thought it made for a cool sounding name :] )

The podcast will go live sometime in October but I’ll tell you the final date closer to the time.

Anyway, I hope you’ll listen to it and if you want to be on it, or you know someone who would be great just let me know. I’d love to talk to you or them. Enjoy your weekend!!! :D

20+ TED Talks by Women in Computer Science



Here’s a YouTube playlist of 20+ TED talks by women in computer science.


Oh, hell yeah.


Hertha Marks Ayrton

Sources 1 2 3 4 5


A teenager in Nepal invented a solar panel that is made with human hair. Source

William Gilbert

Sources 1 2 3 4

What counts as a person in STEM?

Is it someone who works in STEM in any capacity, management for example? Is it someone with a STEM related degree that works in STEM? Or someone with a STEM related degree regardless of where they work?

I did it!!!

I finally made a theme and I am soooooooooooo happy!!!!!!

crazy dance

It took a lot longer than I thought (I have been working on it for the last month) and I’m so glad that I managed to do it.

I’ve learnt an incredible amount along the way and I’m just soooooo happy. It probably has a few things I’ll need to tweak as I go along, but I finished it, so YAY!!!!!!!!!!


Google Science Fair: Meet Elif Bilgin

Published on Feb 11, 2014

Meet Elif Bilgin, winner of the Scientific American Science in Action Award and winner of the Voter’s Choice Award for the Google Science Fair 2013. 

Wanting to reduce pollution in her home city of Istanbul, Elif manufactured a new environmentally-friendly bio-plastic that uses banana peels - an organic material - instead of traditional petroleum sources.