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What counts as a person in STEM?

Is it someone who works in STEM in any capacity, management for example? Is it someone with a STEM related degree that works in STEM? Or someone with a STEM related degree regardless of where they work?

I did it!!!

I finally made a theme and I am soooooooooooo happy!!!!!!

crazy dance

It took a lot longer than I thought (I have been working on it for the last month) and I’m so glad that I managed to do it.

I’ve learnt an incredible amount along the way and I’m just soooooo happy. It probably has a few things I’ll need to tweak as I go along, but I finished it, so YAY!!!!!!!!!!


Google Science Fair: Meet Elif Bilgin

Published on Feb 11, 2014

Meet Elif Bilgin, winner of the Scientific American Science in Action Award and winner of the Voter’s Choice Award for the Google Science Fair 2013. 

Wanting to reduce pollution in her home city of Istanbul, Elif manufactured a new environmentally-friendly bio-plastic that uses banana peels - an organic material - instead of traditional petroleum sources.

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A Great (Free!) Way to Pick Up New Skills—and Land a Job


For any women out there interested in learning coding online for FREE, I highly recommend taking advantage of this link. First 1,000 women are free. 

Now fly my pretties….fly!!! 

The Theory of Everything (2014)

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Young Rewired State

I’ve been attending a YRS event at City University with the Stemettes for the last two days and I’ve learnt an immense amount as well as being introduced to loads of new resources. Today my friend and I were talking to this really nice guy John, who currently works for YPlan. He gave us so much advice on university, working for start-ups and internships. He even shared his exam technique which involves writing down things he often forgets on a banana before the exam, looking over it and then eating it. Which I shall definitely be attempting when exam season comes around.

We also spoke to Anne-Marie (the head Stemette) and she explained to us exactly how websites are put together, and answered our my numerous questions which was great! She told us about drupal and the importance of a LinkedIn account which we proceeded to create but will not touch until the webinar in September so we can make the best of it.

Here are the resources that I’ve heard about (and remembered to write down) so far;

Linda Y, Cureton

Sources 1 2 3 4

Who am I exhibition at The Science Museum

Stemettes Summer Hack

I went to the Stemettes Summer Hack today at Winston Capital and it was really, really good.

Living in England means that of course the weather was erratic and I left the house to torrential rain but came home to searing heat but enough about the weather.

When we arrived we greeted by piles of food. So before the day had fully started it had got a 10/10 from me.

We then did some ice breakers which included coming up with a STEM related pop group name, song title and dance move. That was indeed an interesting experience.

We then moved into our groups of what you wanted to do. My friend and I choose Python where we were recreating Flappy Birds. I hope my finial product is better than my Flappy Birds skills.

Then we had lunch where there was more food.

During lunch my friend and I went to speak to Anne-Marie, the head Stemette. She is actually an awesome person and gave us loads of great, actionable advice.

After lunch we continued coding for the rest of the day. The Winton Capital staff and all of the volunteers were very nice and helpful.

It was really interesting to see such a mix of people. While the majority were quite young(year 8 and under) there were parents getting involved and people a lot older than my friend and I who had come which for some reason surprised me.

It was a great day and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

Side note: Oh and in the afternoon there was more food. All these deserts and stuff!!! :)
Another side note: The food was good quality as well; they even had M&S juice

The mic came for a project I’m working on the other day. I’m super excited :D